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Would you like to start playing table tennis?

You can start playing table tennis at any time in your life; as a child, youth, adult or retired! As a "returnee", you are of course also welcome back after a short or longer break.

There are training opportunities for all levels of ambition and playing ability; beginner, exerciser, competitive player or elite. Table tennis is also a sport that is often well suited for you with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Sometimes special "ping-pong schools" are organized for beginners. It is like a ping pong course that lasts for a limited time, where you get to learn the basics of table tennis and train your strength and fitness through fun games and exercises. When the table tennis school is over, you continue to train in the association's regular training groups.

Not all associations offer table tennis school, but it is often possible to jump into a regular training group at beginner level.

If you want to start playing table tennis, contact one of the table tennis associations in the district. Then you get to know more about how that particular association has set up its activities.

You can find the closest association below, by selecting your municipality (="Välj kommun") (or a nearby one) pressing "Sök".


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